It’s Tebow Time


As I previously mentioned in my introduction entry, I am a sports fanatic. This stems from the fact I grew up playing soccer. I started when I was in 1st grade, and didn’t finish until my 5th year (red-shirt season) of college. Believe it or not, sports can teach you a lot about life, character, discipline, and business. I cannot even begin to tell you all the valuable work experience I gained throughout my soccer career, but I will mention a few things that I feel are the most important. From a business perspective I learned how to work with a team, how to commit to something, and working to achieve your goals. Even though my parents have had a tremendous impact on shaping the person I have become, I have to also give credit to my coaches, my teammates, and the wonderful game of soccer, which has taught me so much.

With that being said, I also have to share that I am a huge University of Florida fan, and for those of you who do not know me very well, I am also a big Tim Tebow fan. ImageWhether you love him or hate him; you have to at least respect the guy. Tim Tebow is arguably the best COLLEGE football player ever. His stats and accomplishments speak for themselves, but what I admire the most about this special player is his ability to win games. Many will argue that he is not the best passer, or quarterback in general, but he is one of the best, if not the best competitor I have ever seen. During his time with the Gators, he won 2 National Championships, a Heisman Trophy and countless numbers of awards and honors. Even though he is what some like to say an unconventional quarterback, he got the job done.

Head coach Urban Meyer saw firsthand the skill set that accompanied Tebow. He knew that his entire life, coaches and teams tried to get him to play a position that would highlight his athletic Imageability. Tebow however was determined to play the position that he wanted to play. With this mindset, instead of giving up on Tebow, Meyer adapted and created an offense around Tebow’s abilities. As a result, it worked, and they were both very successful during their time at Florida.

Okay, so how does this whole story even apply to business, or better yet banking? In today’s environment, it is very tough to get ahead. Banks are getting regulation after regulation piled on top of them. It is very hard to even begin to see the light of day. At Bank Director we are beginning to put together a Growth Conference, which will highlight organic growth options within the industry.  After speaking to many different people this week, one theme has been repeated time after time. BE GREAT AT WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY GREAT AT. This simply means, you do not have to try and become something you are not just to be successful. Use your strengths to your advantage. Support your customers. Know who you serve and what their needs are. By doing this, not only do you gain an extreme amount of loyalty, but you have the control over the environment, the environment won’t have control over you.  This starts with team work, dedication, how to commit to something, and working to achieve your ultimate goal, SUCCESS. In other words, IT’S TEBOW TIME


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