Extreme Makeover: Bank Edition


I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually stepped foot inside a bank. However, the last time I used a service provided by my bank was yesterday.  With services such as mobile banking, online banking, and ATM’s there is really no need to go to a bank at all, right? I think this is a question that a lot of people, especially around my age, ask themselves. It has become a habit to take pictures of checks to deposit, check out account balances on our phones or computers, and even pay our friends and landlords with person 2 person technologies.

It’s funny to me that many of us (Gen-Yer’s) still visit many physical locations for services we need provided. So why does going to the bank seems as painful as going to the dentist?

 Here is a picture of a current bank interior:


Now don’t get this picture confused with a DMV, because the images are very comparable. The look, vibe, and atmosphere can be somewhat similar; no one really wants to actually be there. You can wait in line for 30 minutes, only to find out you have to wait in another line because you weren’t in the right place. This is not the customer experience I believe many banks are looking to provide. With changing times and technology, I would assume it is time for a change in the branch atmosphere as well.

Here are a few pictures of new look bank interiors:


Photos from – Branch Showcase: Experimental Concept Stores & Flagship Designs

These innovative branch interiors have transformed the banking experience into one that can actually be enjoyable. There is a great article I read in The Economist that talks about the new look of banks.

“This is a bold attempt to entice customers into a branch that looks nothing like a bank: there are no doors to keep robbers out, no counters to shelter cashiers. Instead there are massive touch-screen televisions on the outside walls and gleaming white benches with tidy rows of Apple computers. Neatly dressed assistants brandish iPads with smart black leather covers.”

By using technology and more personal touches, the hope is that it will attract more customers back to the bank. It is believed by many that bank branches are dying, which is not the case at all. The Economist article stated that In America, which is still the world’s richest banking market, the number of branches and offices has risen by 22% since 2000, to almost 90,000”. This is because of the fact that people think money is special and they want to make sure that their cash is safe.  So it is safe to say that bank branches aren’t going anywhere.

The whole idea behind the new look bank is to draw in more customers. By providing a great customer experience, not only are you making your customers happy, but you are getting the best form of marketing, word of mouth. If banks can become a place that people want to go, instead of a hassle, it will re-energize the industry. 



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