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In my last post I talked about how banks are beginning to undergo extreme make overs. This initiative has been started to draw customers back to branches, and redefine the industry. While it is a great, and long overdue idea, there are also some other innovative approaches I have discovered that are being introduced to the market. 

Diebold, a services company who provides innovative technology solutions that enables their clients to maximize their self-service capabilities, has recently introduced an ATM that mimics the users experience of their mobile devices. This ATM is the first to use mobile devices through cloud technology. Customers are able to complete secure, cardless transactions through this innovative machine. It also uses many of the same touch screen features many of have on our smart-phones. 

Image               Image

In an article on, Diebolds executive vice president Frank A. Natoli says, “Mobile devices are driving user experience expectations in all facets of commerce. It was only a matter of time before the familiar multi-touch interface style made its way to the ATM. With the burgeoning buying power of the Millennial generation, Diebold envisions this technology will further influence user experiences at the ATM.”

A video on gives a preview of the new ATM.

Another very unique innovation I stumbled upon was the Novo kiosk, which has been created by Bank Audi. This kiosk makes customers the top priority. Through this device, customers can access many different banking solutions through touch screen ATM’s, or use a private video conference room to speak with bank staff.


Image             Image

Mr. Raymond, Audi’s Chairman and General Manager says, “Novo” is an innovative concept created by Bank Audi with customers as a top priority, since it consists in giving them full control of a world of interactive banking solutions. Customers can indeed navigate flawlessly on multi-touch interactive screens offering them tailor-made solutions to their personal banking needs, thanks to a cutting edge technology and a user-friendly interface.” These kiosks will be set up in malls and public locations all over Lebanon, and then hopefully all around the world. 

Here is a link that previews the Novo kiosk. 

It is really neat to see all of these innovative concepts being presented. Now that banks finally seem to be getting on board with the whole technology thing, I guess the next step is flying cars, it is 2013 right? 


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