The Moral Of The Story Is …


So in the past 12 hours I have experienced my first bank card security breach.

Upon going to pay for my yearly membership at a local gym in Franklin TN, my card was declined not once, not twice, but three times. I was very confused because I had just gotten paid and knew that there were enough funds in the account to make the purchase (thanks to my mobile app!). After coming to the realization that this was not a sign from God telling me that I didn’t need to join the gym, I came to the conclusion that I should call Bank of America just to make sure that everything was okay. 

When I got home, I had to force myself away from the TV (because the Bachelor was on), and called the oh so dreaded 1-800 number banks provide. After typing in my account information, last 4 digits of my social security number, and answered personal questions to verify it was actually me calling, I got this very nice guy on the phone who said he would be able to assist me. I have to admit, it was great to talk to an actual person as fast as I did because I absolutely hate those automated answering services. After confirming my last 5 purchases were actually made by me (Chickfila, Smoothie-King, Subway, Chill Spot and Publix) we were able to one, see that I eat out a lot, and two continue to figure out what happened to my account. 

Apparently what happened was that a company I had made a purchase from had gotten their database broken into and card information was stolen. He informed me that whenever you make a purchase with your card, the company has to store all of the card information in a database. When those third party data bases get broken into the process that follows is the bank puts all of the cards belonging to them on restriction. This simply means they don’t allow hefty purchases to be made using that card number. They then shut down my account, told me they would send me a new card and that if I needed cash to go INTO the bank and withdraw money the “old fashion” way. (Weird

I fell asleep knowing all was well, and then at about 5:30 am, I realized that I had purchased an airplane ticket online over the weekend to travel to Dallas to see my boyfriend for the upcoming long weekend. The problem with this was that it had not yet shown up in my account records. So I called Bank of America again, and confirmed that apparently my flight was not, and could not be paid for. So today I will have to figure out the whole airline mess, which I’m sure will inspire another blog entry. 

But here are the morals to this story:

  • Banks do an excellent job making sure that their customer’s funds are safe and secure. I was also reaffirmed that if funding was taken, they would be able to refund 100% of it.


  • Customer service is very important, and actually talking to a live person makes a huge difference.


  • Long distance relationships are tricky. There is always a chance something could get messed up.


  • And finally, just because your card gets declined while paying for a gym membership, doesn’t mean it’s a sign from God that you shouldn’t join.  



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