Something New


For the next couple of blog entries, I have decided to switch things up a bit. I am going to be visiting banks around the Nashville area, and fill you in on my experiences, thoughts, and overall feelings I get from each branch. I will visit big banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, ECT.) and smaller community banks.



  • Because I need to take on the daunting task of opening a credit card, my first few entries will consist of experiences from that adventure.



  • Next, I will explore the social media practices, or lack thereof, from specific locations.



  • Finally, I will fill you all in on the customer experience, location and environment of the small “farm town” banks, as well as the bigger market banks in downtown Nashville.


I am really looking forward to the next month or so. Because these entries are going to consist of customer related topics, I REALLY would appreciate any feedback, questions or topics that you would like to see blogged about.  

I hope you all enjoy the ride! 



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