Going Undercover


For the past couple of weeks I have conducted some undercover work. Let me first explain my mission. I thought it would be interesting to walk into a few banks, both “big” and “small” to simply scope out the overall environment of the location. I was very interested in the customer service, customer experience and overall atmosphere of the various bank branches.


Does someone greet me right away?

Where do I go for help? 

How am I treated?

What is the overall look of the bank?

These were some of questions that I was curious to find the answers to. For many people, first impressions can leave a lasting impact. More often than not, a first impression can be made within seconds of arrival. These first impressions, for any business, are a critical component to keep customers coming back. It is my understanding that you do not want customers to be a “one-and-done” deal. The most successful businesses are the ones that make their customers enjoy their time, and want to come back for more.

After making a few stops at banks in Memphis, I decided it would be very interesting to take this little experiment a step further. Because of the fact I was attending business meetings in Memphis, I was dressed in business professional attire. I was curious to find out if wearing jeans and a Chicago Blackhawks shirt (15-0-3!) made a difference in how I was treated.

Not only was I interested in the environment and customer service, but what will be interesting to see the differences, if there are any, between the big banks, small banks, location, city, and many other factors that all make up the organization.

I am excited to share with you my experiences, thoughts and interactions. Stay tuned! 

If there are any questions, comments or suggestions for future blogs, please feel free to let me know! 




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